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Tenant Referencing

We offer a range of referencing services including Credit Checking, Income Referencing and Previous Landlords Checks along with Right to Rent document verification checks for letting agents, landlords and property management groups. Our fully trained staff are aware of the importance of selecting the right candidates for both agents and the private landlords. Our online system has been designed to be simple and easy to use.

Using a blend of technology, credit and evidencing factors our experienced team are able to provide an efficient, straightforward, diligent reference check to ensure you have minimal risk with new tenants entering your property.  We care about the results of our checks and believe in helping you before, during and after the tenant screening process.

Tenant Referencing in 4 Simple Stages...

Tenant Screening provides a quick, easy & affordable way to reference your prospective tenants online. Offering Credit Checks, Income Referencing and Current Landlord checking services


Enter your property details followed by your applicant’s contact detail. An application is then automatically sent to your applicant to complete. Once complete you are prompted to review before authorising us to start the referencing.

Our System

We will obtain a credit history report instantly and send reference requests to employment and landlord references.

Information Gathering

Our team will chase any outstanding references and obtain all information required to make a rounded application decision.

Summary Report

The application is reviewed by a case manager and the reference check is concluded. Once finished you will receive an email report with our findings and recommendations.

Our Referencing Packages

Instant ID & Credit Check

Immediate background history & credit report
£ 10
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Telephone Number retrieval
  • Linked address search
  • Court & Insolvency Information

Full Tenant Profile

Full ID, credit, employment & landlord referencing report
£ 22
ex VAT
  • Instant ID & Credit Check
  • Employment referencing
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Bank account validation
  • Landlord referencing

Referencing Only

Ideal for individuals who are from overseas and never had a UK residential address
£ 17
ex VAT
  • Employment reference – confirming employment status and annual salary
  • Confirm any additional forms of income being used for the tenancy
  • Landlord reference – confirming any defaults in rent payment and property tidiness, even if from overseas

Guarantor Suitability Check

Check an individuals’ suitability to act as a guarantor for the tenancy
£ 16
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Affordability Check ensuring individual is able to support their own living along with paying into a tenancy if required

Company Profile

Dramatically reduce the risk of letting to a company ensuring there are no surprises
£ 19
ex VAT
  • Credit worthiness Report
  • Financial trading history
  • Owner / Directorship verification
  • Court & Insolvency Information
  • Company registration verification

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