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Right to Rent

Check to determine the immigration status of prospective adult tenant

What is Right to Rent?

The Home Office introduced Right to Rent checks with the aim of making it harder for people to live and work in England illegally.   The Right to Rent check have been mandatory for landlords and letting agents since February 2016 and designed to ensure that all tenants have the right to live in the UK. This check needs to be completed before a tenant moves into any private rental property.

Tenancies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not subject to Right to Rent checks.

Tenant Screening’s right to rent checking service determines the immigration status of all prospective adult tenants by checking ID before the start of a tenancy.  We will conduct the following:

  • Provide advice and support regarding Right To Rent
  • Verify that the tenant has documents on the published list to prove their immigration status – for tenants who are non-EU or Swiss national what mix of documents complies with the requirements of the Right To Rent legislation
  • Check the documents are genuine and have not been tempered with
  • Establish that the prospective tenant has the necessary immigration status to rent a property
  • Application tracking with 24-hour online access

You can add a Right To Rent check to a number of our products. If you require an individual Right to Rent only check to be carried out please call us.

£ 5
ex VAT

Common Question About Right to Rent

Yes, a Right to Rent check is available with all of our standard referencing products priced at an additional £5 (ex-vat)
A right to rent check needs to be completed for all tenants over the age of 18, even if they are not a named person on the tenancy.
You will need to obtain a copy of the tenant’s passport and confirm that the picture is a like-for-like resemblance of the tenant in person. Once you are happy that the passport is genuine, you will need to enter the tenant’s share code into the government right-to-rent portal and check both photo and the confirmation of residence in the UK.
You will need to obtain 1 document from list A or two documents from list B from the government guidelines.
Simplest way is to obtain a copy of the applicants passport, verify the authenticity and that the picture is a good likeness of the individual in person. Then obtain the individuals share code and complete a search using the home office portal. Once complete keep a copy of the right to rent certificate which will confirm expiry dates of a visa.
A share code is provided to non-British citizens living in the UK with a Biometric residence permit. A share code active for 90 days before a new one is needed to be generated via the home office website.
Step 1: Go to the Home Office online service and review the information. If you have everything you need, click “Start now” under ‘Prove your right to rent online’.

Step 2: You will be asked about your immigration status and to provide details of your evidence, such as your biometric residence card number. You will also be asked to enter your date of birth.

Step 3: Select the reason you need to share your status, in this case, you will select to prove their right to rent. You will be shown a preview of the information.

Step 4: Click “Create share code” and this will generate your unique 9-character code.
Failure to complete a Right To Rent check could result in a 5-year prison sentence or an unlimited fine for renting a property in England to someone who you knew or had reasons to believe they did not have the Right To Rent in the UK.

Our Referencing Packages

Instant ID & Credit Check

Immediate background history & credit report
£ 10
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Telephone Number retrieval
  • Linked address search
  • Court & Insolvency Information

Full Tenant Profile

Full ID, credit, employment & landlord referencing report
£ 22
ex VAT
  • Instant ID & Credit Check
  • Employment referencing
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Bank account validation
  • Landlord referencing

Referencing Only

Ideal for individuals who are from overseas and never had a UK residential address
£ 17
ex VAT
  • Employment reference – confirming employment status and annual salary
  • Confirm any additional forms of income being used for the tenancy
  • Landlord reference – confirming any defaults in rent payment and property tidiness, even if from overseas

Guarantor Suitability Check

Check an individuals’ suitability to act as a guarantor for the tenancy
£ 16
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Affordability Check ensuring individual is able to support their own living along with paying into a tenancy if required

Rent Protection Full Tenant Profile

Check that meets the criteria for taking out Rent Protection
£ 22
ex VAT
  • Enhanced CCJ checks to meeting rent protection criteria
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Employment Referencing
  • Income Confirmation
  • Landlord referencing

Tenant Referencing in 4 Simple Stages...

Tenant Screening provides a quick, easy & affordable way to reference your prospective tenants. Offering Credit Checks, Income Referencing and Current Landlord checking services


Enter your property details followed by your prospective tenant’s contact detail. An application is then automatically sent to your applicant to complete. Once complete you are prompted to review before authorising us to start the referencing.

Our System

We will obtain a credit history report instantly and send reference requests to employment and landlord references.

Information Gathering

Our team will chase any outstanding references and obtain all information required to make a rounded application decision.

Summary Report

The application is reviewed by a case manager and the reference check is concluded. Once finished you will receive an email report with our findings and recommendations.

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