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Minimise Your Risk
Make Sure You Know Who’s Renting Your Property
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Minimise Your Risk
Make Sure You Know Who’s Renting Your Property
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Find Your Ideal HMO Tenants with Tenant Screening's Reference Checks: Don't Fall for Rent Arrears and Property Damage!

Owning a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) comes with significant rewards – increased rental income, maximised property utilization, and vibrant communal living. But with more tenants comes greater risk. That’s where Tenant Screening’s dedicated HMO tenant referencing service steps in, safeguarding your investment and peace of mind.

Why Referencing is Crucial for HMO Landlords:

HMOs often house students, young professionals, or individuals on lower incomes. While this diversifies your tenant base, it also increases the potential for challenges:

  • Rent Arrears: Late or skipped rent payments can cripple your cash flow. Referencing verifies income and affordability, ensuring tenants can reliably meet their obligations.
  • Property Damage: Shared living spaces can be more susceptible to wear and tear. Thorough checks on past tenancies reveal if a prospective tenant has a history of damaging property.
  • Disruptive Behavior: A bad apple can spoil the bunch. Referencing checks past landlord references to identify residents who haven’t respected previous living arrangements.

Tenant Screening's HMO Referencing Advantage:

Our comprehensive service provides everything you need to make informed decisions:

  • Credit Checks: Get a clear picture of your tenant’s financial health, identifying outstanding debts or credit issues that could impact rent payments.
  • Landlord and Employment References: Gain valuable insights into your tenant’s past rental behavior, payment history, and employment stability.
  • Affordability Assessment: We calculate whether your chosen rent aligns with your tenant’s income, minimizing the risk of financial strain and potential arrears.
  • Right to Rent Checks: Ensure your tenants are legally allowed to reside in the UK, avoiding potential fines and legal complications.
  • Fast and Efficient: Receive comprehensive reports within 24 hours, allowing you to act swiftly on promising applicants.

Invest in Peace of Mind, Invest in Tenant Screening:

Finding responsible, reliable tenants for your HMO shouldn’t be a gamble. Tenant Screening’s comprehensive referencing service mitigates risk, maximises rental income, and ensures your HMO thrives. Contact us today and discover how we can help you find your ideal tenants!

Click to see each service in further detail:

Tenant Referencing

Tenant Referencing

Its never been more important to properly screen prospective tenants to protect your investment and minimise the possibility of income loss and being stuck with a bad tenant. Here at Tenant Screening we make the process of screening simple freeing up your time to focus on other activities.

Rent Protection

Don’t be out of pocket – get cover for unpaid rent and legal costs of eviction, property damage and more! We offer access to cost-effective rent guarantee protection insurance. This policy protects in the event of defaulting tenants (up to £2,500 per month in rental premiums) and any legal costs encountered in evicting a tenant. Rent protection covers both property and HMO’s tenancies.

EPCs, Gas Safety Certificates and Electrical Check

Get an instant quote online for an energy performance certificate and other checks. Nationwide coverage by approved accredited assessors including Gas Safe and NICEIC. Over 5,000+ assessments carried out each month.

Tenant Referencing in 4 Simple Stages...

Tenant Screening provides a quick, easy & affordable way to reference your prospective tenants. Offering Credit Checks, Income Referencing and Current Landlord checking services


Enter your property details followed by your applicant’s contact detail. An application is then automatically sent to your applicant to complete. Once complete you are prompted to review before authorising us to start the referencing.

Our System

We will obtain a credit history report instantly and send reference requests to employment and landlord references.

Information Gathering

Our team will chase any outstanding references and obtain all information required to make a rounded application decision.

Summary Report

The application is reviewed by a case manager and the reference check is concluded. Once finished you will receive an email report with our findings and recommendations.