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Company Profile

For the referencing of corporate letting applicants & organisations, 24 hour response

Tenant Screening’s company profile services is designed for times when you are looking to let your residential property or room to a company who is leasing for an employee.  Letting to company is no more secure or rent more guaranteed than when you let a regular tenant.  We will help ensure that the company you are letting your property to is a financially stable business minimising your risk.

We will verify and report an array of information including the companies registered and trading addresses, confirm the director history and advise of the companies credit worthiness along with make an overall recommendation to the company’s suitability to take the tenancy.

  • Director history
  • County Court Judgment Data
  • Bankruptcy information
  • Liquidation & Receivership
  • Credit limit history
  • Date of Incorporation
  • Registered and Trading address confirmation
  • Companies filed account history
  • Company credit worthiness
  • Profit & Loss account extracts
  • Balance Sheet extracts
  • Company Overdraft/Loans
  • Company Assets
  • SIC Codes/Business activities
  • Report within 1 business day

Our Referencing Packages

Instant ID & Credit Check

Immediate background history & credit report
£ 10
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Telephone Number retrieval
  • Linked address search
  • Court & Insolvency Information

Full Tenant Profile

Full ID, credit, employment & landlord referencing report
£ 22
ex VAT
  • Instant ID & Credit Check
  • Employment referencing
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Bank account validation
  • Landlord referencing

Referencing Only

Ideal for individuals who are from overseas and never had a UK residential address
£ 17
ex VAT
  • Employment reference – confirming employment status and annual salary
  • Confirm any additional forms of income being used for the tenancy
  • Landlord reference – confirming any defaults in rent payment and property tidiness, even if from overseas

Guarantor Suitability Check

Check an individuals’ suitability to act as a guarantor for the tenancy
£ 16
ex VAT
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Income Confirmation - salary, benefits, pensions and other income sources
  • Affordability Check ensuring individual is able to support their own living along with paying into a tenancy if required

Rent Protection Full Tenant Profile

Check that meets the criteria for taking out Rent Protection
£ 22
ex VAT
  • Enhanced CCJ checks to meeting rent protection criteria
  • Instant Credit Report
  • ID Verification & Report
  • Employment Referencing
  • Income Confirmation
  • Landlord referencing

Tenant Referencing in 4 Simple Stages...

Tenant Screening provides a quick, easy & affordable way to reference your prospective tenants. Offering Credit Checks, Income Referencing and Current Landlord checking services


Enter your property details followed by your prospective tenant’s contact detail. An application is then automatically sent to your applicant to complete. Once complete you are prompted to review before authorising us to start the referencing.

Our System

We will obtain a credit history report instantly and send reference requests to employment and landlord references.

Information Gathering

Our team will chase any outstanding references and obtain all information required to make a rounded application decision.

Summary Report

The application is reviewed by a case manager and the reference check is concluded. Once finished you will receive an email report with our findings and recommendations.

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