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Hassle free Rent Protection Insurance through Tenant Screening from as little as 66p per day!
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Don’t be out of pocket – get cover for unpaid rent and legal costs of eviction, property damage and more!
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Rent Protection Insurance

We have partnered with Alexander Swan to offer new and existing customers access to cost-effective rent guarantee protection insurance. This policy protects landlords in the event of defaulting tenants (up to £2,500 per month in rental premiums) and any legal costs (up to £50k) encountered in evicting a tenant. Rent protection covers both property and HMO’s tenancies for:

  • Rent Guarantee: Covers the cost of unpaid rent before vacant possession is obtained.
  • Rent Recovery: Covers the costs and expenses of pursuing a tenant over unpaid rent.
  • Tenant Eviction: Covers the costs and expenses of obtaining vacant possession from the tenant.
  • Breach of Tenancy Agreement: Covers the costs and expenses of pursuing the tenant for damage to the property.
  • Legal Defence: Covers the costs and expenses of defending you in relation to civil or criminal court proceedings arising from the letting of the property up to the value of £50,000.

To take advantage of this exceptional product offering please ensure:

Who are Alexander Swan

Alexander Swan has been trading since 1996, as a general insurance broker who are based in Swindon, Wiltshire but have customers all over the UK.

They have access to a vast range of specialist insurers which allows them to research the market to find the best policy to suit your individual needs.

Alexander Swan love the fact that they have a large number of long-standing clients who renew with them each and every year. Plus, they are always receiving recommendations from existing customers where they believe they can also add value to the insurance experience of a colleague, family member or friend.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where am I covered?

    United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

  • What are my obligations?
    • Claims Reporting: You must report a claim during the Period of Insurance and immediately you become aware of circumstances which may give rise to a claim.
    • Advice: You must follow the advice of the advice line.
    • Cooperation: You must cooperate fully with us and provide within a reasonable time and at your own expense, any requested information and documentation we ask for.
  • What is not insured?
    • Prior Costs and Expenses: Any costs incurred before a claim is made and any costs and expenses which we do not authorise.
    • Prior Claims: Any claim or incident which you knew about, or ought to have known about before the commencement of this policy.
    • Claims reported outside of the Period of Insurance.
    • Dishonesty, Violence and Fraud: Any claim which involves actual or alleged dishonesty or violence by you or a statement which is overstated, false or fraudulent.
    • Rent Guarantee Excess: You are responsible for the first £500 or 1 months’ rent, whichever is the greater.
    • Pre-Tenancy Check Requirements: Any claim where prior to the commencement of any tenancy agreement relating to an insured property, you have failed to comply with the Pre-Tenancy Check Requirements.
  • Are there any restrictions on cover?
    • Reasonable Prospects: There must be more than a 50% chance of recovering damages, defending a claim or prosecution or obtaining a legal remedy.
    • Lawyer / Legal Representative: If you choose your own representative in relation to a claim under this policy, we will not pay your representatives costs and expenses which exceed the costs and expenses that our appointed representative, operating under our standard terms of appointment, would charge us. In this event, you will be responsible for your representative’s excess costs and expenses.
    • Limit of Liability: The maximum amount payable for costs and expenses per claim is £50,000 with the exception of Rent Guarantee which has a maximum amount payable dependent on the level of cover purchased. This will be shown in your Certificate of Insurance.
    • Aggregate Limit of Liability: The maximum amount payable for costs and expenses in respect to all claims in any one Period of Insurance is £500,000. Rent Guarantee is to a maximum dependent on the level of cover purchased. This will be shown in your Certificate of Insurance.
    • Court Attendance: Cover is limited to £1,000 in respect of all claims in any one Period of Insurance
  • When does the cover start and end?

    Your policy covers you for up to 12 months from the date you request your policy to be started. The dates will be referenced on your Certificate of Insurance.

  • How do I cancel the contract?

    You have the right to cancel a policy:
    With a full premium refund within 14 days of it starting, provided that there have been no claims. No refund of premium will be available after 14 days of it starting.