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Know your tenants Identity Checking

Identity verification: The Importance of Getting to Know Your Tenant

Doing an identity check on potential tenants is one of the most crucial things a landlord can do to secure their property and ensure a successful tenancy. A tenant’s identity is checked to ensure that they are who they say they are.

Identity checks are a crucial step in the tenant screening process in the UK. A step-by-step procedure for performing an identity check is provided below.

Asking the potential tenant for identification verification is the first step in carrying out an identity check. A passport, driver’s licence, or other form of official identity can be used in place of this.

You must check the information supplied after you obtain the tenant’s identity. You can do this by cross-referencing the information on the tenant’s rental application with the name, date of birth, and other identifying information on the identification.

Why It's Important to Do an Identity Check

An essential element in the tenant screening process is running an identification check. Landlords may safeguard themselves from fraud and make sure they are renting to reputable people who can be relied upon to meet their tenancy obligations by conducting identification checks on potential tenants.

Landlords should make sure they verify the tenant’s right to rent status, affordability, obtain income verification, and seek references from prior landlords in addition to conducting an identification check.

Landlords are able to secure a successful tenancy and safeguard their investment by taking the time to complete an identification check. Before renting out your property, make sure to run an identity check on each potential tenant if you are a landlord in the UK.

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