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Screening Products FAQs

  • How do I decide what type of referencing I should carry out on a prospective tenant?

    This is dependent on how in depth you would like the screening to be. If an applicant can pay all rental upfront or if you have seen proof of salary that you are happy with then an instant ID and credit reference would suffice. However, if you would like this more in depth and references obtained; the Full Tenant Profile would be the best choice as a recommendation is also provided.

  • Can I get a screening out on a company?
    A Company Screening can be completed where a company will be looking to lease a property or to pay the lease for an employee. We will verify the companies registered and trading addresses, confirm the director history and advise of the company’s credit worthiness.
  • How long does a screening take?

    The completion times vary between each screening. A Basic ID and Credit Check will be completed instantly unless there is a reason for an agent to review any potential alerts. The Full Tenant Profile is within a 48-hour period and the Express service is with 24 hours. However, please note that the screenings that require references may fall outside of these timescales due to the cooperation of the referees.