Instant ID and Credit Check


Instant ID and Credit Check, 2 hour response (before 3pm)


Each applicant's UK address history is confirmed as part of the consumer report. We can confirm that the applicant has given us the correct addresses through a variety of different sources. The preferred option is to use the electoral register but should an applicant not be present on the electoral register at the addresses provided then we will look for existing credit agreements and previous credit applications at all addresses supplied and located.

  • Credit check acceptability score & consumer report provided by
  • ID verification profile
  • Telephone number retrieval
  • Court & Insolvency information
  • Submit online and delivered within 2 hours (Mon-Fri)
£10.95 ex VAT
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Also a Right to Rent check can be added to this screening product whereby Tenant Screening will perform document verification checks on such documents as Passports, Driving Licences, Residence Permits and Visas to determine the immigration status of your prospective adult tenant ensuring you comply with the Governments Right to Rent legislation enforced in England from 1st February 2016.

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