Criminality Insight Report

The Criminality Insight Check gives landlords reassurance that you're renting your property to sound and suitable tenant by providing a accurate assess of the risk based on if Tenant Screening have found any criminality within a prospective Tenants history.

Criminality Insight Check


For Tenant due diligence and better peace of mind, 24-hour response


A unique Criminality Insight Check giving Landlords clear information regarding any criminality within a prospective Tenants history.

Using all publicly available data our software locates Convictions, Police Cautions, arrests without prosecution and any association to criminal activity.

Simply provide us with the name, date of birth and present address of your prospective tenant and we will do the rest.

We report back to you in a clear format enabling you to accurately assess the risk. Where no data can be located, we issue a simple “All Clear”, allowing you to continue your vetting process safe in the knowledge no issues have been identified.

Our agents ensure that all reported data relates to the correct data Subject, ensuring the information is 100% compliant with all aspects of GDPR.

  • Report within 1 business day
  • Criminality risk rating
  • Summary of findings
  • Hypertext Links to source data allowing you to read findings in detail

£19.99 ex VAT
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